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Steady Your Steps Toward the Promise

Steady Footsteps Lead us into the Place of Promise

Ps. 119:133 The Message

"Steady my steps with your Word of promise, so nothing malign gets the better of me."

First things first, rejoice for your steps are ordered by God! Expect the path that He has set before you to be rocky and uneven at times. In these moments you must seek the Lord to steady your steps. Let the Word of God guide your movements, examine your thoughts, and your heart. When you walk according to God's promise then you're walking by faith and not by sight. God's provision and your faith will strenthen you. When you walk according to what you can see then evil presents itself. We're tempted to lean to our own understanding. We rely on our own devices and try to solve our own problems from a carnal point of view. The next verse is powerful!

Psalm 119:134 New King James Version

134 Redeem me from the oppression of man,That I may keep Your precepts.

WOW! That is a liberating request, if you are free from carnal thinking (oppression of man) your own human wisdom and ungodly counsel you can be free and empowered to do things God's way. Please note that places that God will take us the wisdom of man will rise up and say - " don't go there". The place seems to be uncomfortable and we are convinced that God does not allow suffering. There are plenty of situations in our lives right now that according to our own understanding standard, we should simply give up. All we can see is that there's no hope, and it cannot be done. This view point inflates our problems and deflates our God. How can things be hopeless if we truly put our hope and trust in God? What is impossible to Him? When He gives us a promise, we have to hold on. The promise of God is the expected end, He shows us the end from the beginning. Everything else in between is part of the journey- it's the steps. When you come up against the rocky road, when everything seems unstable remember this passage of scripture.

Psalm 91:11-12 New Living Translation 11 For he will order his angels     to protect you wherever you go. 12 They will hold you up with their hands     so you won’t even hurt your foot on a stone.

From the very beginning of time the enemy has been after the promise of God. From Genesis to Revelation we see his multiple attempts to destroy the word of God. He tries to trick people into believing that God isn't truly able. He wants youto believe that God won't show up - well at least not for you. Here is how he gets you to buy the lie - you see everyone going forward and you feel stuck. You see folks recieving the blessings of God and you're on the verge of bankruptcy, foreclosure, or repossession . It's in these moments where he sends his angels to steady your steps. Here is the truth - beyond this rocky terrain is promise fulfillment. What does it say about God if he doesn't fulfill His promises? Where's the victory in that? Be strong in the Lord and in the power of his might and continue to march around your Jericho walls in prayer and praise until God brings them down.

Lord Steady My Steps!

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