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The God Who Sees Me

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Genesis 16:13 New Living Translation

13 She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.”


Is Anybody There?

Have you ever felt unseen in your in your walk with God? It is ok to admit that if that is how you feel or have felt. It is not easy to see beyond your circumstances and your inability to change any of it. The past 2 years has been a humbling time for many if not all of us in some way. It seems like it has been one thing after the other without any time to recuperate. There are some who seem to be stuck in the same holding pattern for years and wonder if they have been forgotten or if they are doing something wrong. We take so much time in prayer asking God to get us out we do not consider the prayer "God where are you? " enough. When you cannot see God, it is easy to feel as though He does not see you. The word of God in this story of Hagar and Ishamel tells us differently.

Hagar was put into a situation she did not ask for, she has no control, and no say over what happened to her. She found herself in the desert without a plan for herself or her young son. Where is your dry place? Are you running away? Did you do what God asked of you and it landed you in a dry place? The dry place feels like the end of hope, like you have been abandoned. The dry place is hard place to be, but at times is needed as a time to refocus. In Hagar's case the first time she ran away in reaction to how she was being treated. The second time she left in obedience to her master and mistress both times she found herself in the dry place. This was a clear reminder to me personally that the dry place is not a place of punishment. Hagar did not have a plan, but God her made a promise.


Streams in the Desert

Genesis 16:10

New International Version

10 The angel added, “I will increase your descendants so much that they will be too numerous to count.”

The word of God is a powerful thing, God speaks with creative intent. When God speaks something has to happen. His words are not frivolous chatter, but rather purposed for change. There is no such thing as no way out when it comes to God. He is the Way the Truth and the Life, what is impossible becomes possible. If it is closed, He will open it, if it is lost He will find it, if dies he will ressurect it. God's word heals that which is wounded, and restores what has been broken. If we find ourselves in the dry place and we feel abandoned in a situation we are in the perfect position to experience Beer Lahai Roi which literally mans “the well of him that lives and sees me". God is alive - in dead situations His presence gives life, and His eyes are on the righteous at all times.


White Tailed Eagle

Eagles have the best sight in the animal kingdom, it's ability to see makes it a skillful predator with the aptness to see its prey from afar. Our God's eyes see beyond the end, reaching past time into eternity. If He you cannot see your change, trust that He can. Take this time in the dry place to meet with the One who lives and sees you. This moment was life changing for Hagar, an egyptian slave who did not know Yahweh. A place was established that led her and her son to see that all was not lost in the dry place. It was the step needed before moving forward to the new place.

It takes time to transition from pain to promise, hold fast to the truth - You Are Seen.

Pastor Natasha Sewell is the owner and operator of Third Cord Biblical Counseling Svc located in Quincy Massachusetts. Third Cord Biblical Counseling provides Christ-centered, Bible-based soul care to those who suffer from past hurt and relational brokenness.

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