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Damascus Road Grace

Grace to Choose

Acts 9:1-19 Saul's Conversion

Paul on the Road to Damascus

Paul's problem was he knew too much, his education and training was an obstacle for him. It fueled his pride and self-righteouness, and that was his blindspot. Spiritual blindness comes from what choose to fixate on, adopt as truth, and decide to believe in. If it is contrary to the word, and character of God then it becomes an obstacle to us seeing God in His true form. Paul who at the time was named Saul was in need of a change. The tenacity in which he served the devil by killing those who followed The Way (Jesus) was intended by God to build His kingdom. All of our gifts and talents meant to bring glory to God and build His kingdom through the winning of souls through Jesus Christ. God needed Saul to see Him and the only way he could do that was by first meeting Jesus. Noone can come to the Father, except through Jesus. He is the all "access pass" we have that gets us into the throne room of the Most High God.

He needed a Christ encounter because he denied Christ in his heart. He was driven by what he believed based on what he knew to be true through his own human intellect. Our mindsets are influenced by many factors, belief is one of the key factors. If the enemy can get you to believe his lies about Jesus he can get you to recieve it. He sells it - you buy it - you own it and then IT owns YOU. Changing our mindsets can be challenging, some are easy to change and there are some that can only change through a Christ encounter. Our stubborn resistance to change is counter productive to the plan of God for our lives.

What you believe can hinder your walk with God if it is not in alignment with God's word and character.

Now lets get down to the nitty gritty of it all, I met Jesus when I was young and I abondoned a lot of behaviors and mindsets to follow Him. As I grew in God there were some places in me that did not line up with the truth of who God is. God challenged me and I resisted in my own ignorance. No one could reach me I was too stubborn, I knew I was wrong but stood my ground. I needed a Christ encounter, it is a meeting place in your life where Jesus himself shows up and does something radical to get your attention. He frees your mind up to see the truth and change your direction and point your toward your destiny.

God needs an Ananais

God used Ananais to restore Paul's sight, when God spoke to Him and told Him what to do he was afraid because of Paul's reputation for killing Christians. What God needs is someone who has traveled the road to Damascus who would be willing help some one to see Jesus differently. If Christ set someone in your life that is not easy to love make it up in your mind that you will obey. Christ encountered Paul, changing his name and his understanding we do not have to do the transformation work God does. We only need to be available to be the hands that heal and help people to see the One whom we all know and love, because He first loved us. When God assigns us to show the love of Christ to someone in need of it we must rely on the perfect love that casts out all fear. When God is part of the relationship He does His part and He asks us to do ours.

What will you be? A instrument in the hand of to bring healing?


A weapon of warfare in the hand of the enemy to kill God's purpose?

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