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The Heart of the Home

Updated: Jul 31, 2018

Psalm 128:3 New King James Version (NKJV)

3 Your wife shall be like a fruitful vine. In the very heart of your house,

Your children like olive plants. All around your table.

I was just on the phone with someone debating the position of the wife in a marriage. This bit of wisdom that God put in my mouth led me to go and search the word for a confirmation for what I believe He said to me. I found the verse in Psalms you see above.

Oh yeah: I did not tell you what He said yet. I am so blown away by this truth. He told me:

" The wife is the heart of the home. If God can't change the heart, he can't change the home."

This passage of scripture confirms what the Lord put on my heart. The wife is the heart of the home. We want that heart to beat so that the life's blood of the family; which is love will flow. The blood carries oxygen among other things to the cells of the body, it carries away carbon dioxide and other cellular waste. It is necessary for life that the heart beats. A healthy heart is determined by what you take in. How you treat it, if you exercise, manage stress levels in a good way, no drugs, and any other things that contribute to the breakdown of the heart muscle (strength).

How does this apply to us?

I have had some recent conversations with other married women and they have said why do we always have to be the good ones while they do what they like? I had to really pray about that because I have had the same argument. I believe that God is giving me the understanding in parts. The first thing He spoke to my heart was that He will only deal with us about what we do. He is not going to sit and discuss your husband. That is what we do with our friends. God is not interested in commiserating with us based on the intention of Him telling us we're right and he is wrong. God is going to deal with your heart. Jesus is not on the mainline to talk trash about your husband with you, don't ask me how I found that out. ( *puts up church finger and moves expeditiously on to the new paragraph)

Most of us have a heart condition, it's more than likely due to damage that was or is done, abuse, neglect, treating our heart like it is expendable. The heart condition in the natural must be addressed by a cardiologist. We have Great Physician who is the Balm of Gilead in God, and the Sun (Son) of Righteousness with healing in His wings in Jesus Christ. The Holy Spirit is our Counselor leading us into Truth and Comforting us - He holds our hearts in the palm of His hands. He is that Third Cord, equipped with everything you need to make your marriage work.


I want you to take an hour of prayer for yourself no one else.

Take the time and meditate on Jeremiah 8:21-22.

Find a quiet space without distraction and get comfy with a bible and journal. ( don't say there is no time - MAKE TIME)

1. What is the condition of your heart toward your marriage?

2. What is the condition of your heart toward your husband?

3. Do you need The Great Physician's healing balm?

4. Are you resisting this? If so why?

If you cant deal with all of the questions break it up over 4 days or a week.

Let the Counselor (Holy Spirit) lead you into the truth, you may be surprised at what is there.

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